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Operating Short Term Rentals

Effective January 1, 2024, Augusta property owners who are or are wishing to use their homes as short term rentals (Airbnb’s) must follow the rules and regulations laid out in By-Law 3650-2023 (the “short term rental” By-Law).  house with sign that says short term rentals


According to this By-Law, all short term rental properties must be licensed by the Township before January 1, 2024.


A short-term rental (STR) is defined in the By-Law as a dwelling unit, that in whole or in part, is rented to available with the intention of financial compensation for an occupancy period of 30 consecutive days or less, by way of a township license.


A short-term rental license must be renewed by December 31st every year and will be issued to the owner of the property.


NOTE: The fee for a short-term rental license is $500 per year.


Here are a few key points from By-Law 3650-2023:


  • A person is not eligible to hold a short-term rental license if the proposed use of that land, building or structure is not permitted by the Zoning By-Law.

  • A statement will be required from the Fire Chief indicating that the premises conforms to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and its regulations as they relate to the operation and use of the premises for short-term rental purposes.

  • The determination of whether the need for a certificate from the Electrical Safety Authority dated within a period of 24 months of the date of application for license indicating that the premises conforms to the Electrical Safety Code, will be determined by the Fire Chief and Chief Building Official.

  • Proof of placement of insurance specific to the rental nature of the property will be required that includes a limit of liability of not less than Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) per occurrence for property damage and bodily injury and includes provisions that the Township will be notified of any intended cancellation by the insurer no fewer than (30) days written notice prior to such cancellation or of a material change that would diminish coverage and the Township named as additional insured.

  • A floor plan and a site plan of the premises depicting the use of the premises including the proposed occupancy of each room, occupant load for sleeping purposes of each room, location of smoke/carbon monoxide detection and early warning devises, location of fire extinguishers, and related site amenities including parking, landscaping and other buildings and structures on the property will be required.

  • A person is not eligible to hold a license if the person is indebted to the Township in respect to fines, penalties, judgements, or any other amounts owing, including outstanding property taxes and late payment charges against all properties owned by the owner.

  • The owner must keep a record of their renter(s) which contains the date of entry, the length of stay, their home address and this information must be readily available for inspection for a period of one (1) year.

  • The owner must ensure that there is a responsible person available to be at the short-term rental at all times within a period of no greater than one hour.

  • Short-term rentals premises must be operated and used in a fashion that it will not cause a disturbance or become a public nuisance, in particular regarding noise, traffic or parking, and shall not change the residential character of the dwelling.  The Township has a Noise By-Law which is in full effect.

  • Every licensee must confirm that they will require each renter to abide by the Township Renter Code of Conduct.



Short-Term Rental Application

Renter Code of Conduct


By-Laws to be Reviewed:

3650-2023 Short-Term Rental License By-Law

3646-2023 Noise By-Law


Current Licensed Short-Term Rental:

  • We currently do not have any licensed short term rentals in the Township. Short term rental owners are required to be licensed for January 1, 2024.


If you have any questions pertaining to this By-Law, please contact Rob Bowman, Fire Chief/Manager of By-Law at rbowman@augustafire.ca or call 613-925-4231 ext. 201.

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