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Plans, Policies, Reports & Studies


Accessible Customer Service Policy (By-Law 3253-2016)

Accessibility Status Report 2021

Accessibility Status Report 2020

Accessibility Status Report 2018

Accountability and Transparency Policy (By-Law 3168-2015)

AgriSpirit Grant Completion

Augusta Township Economic Development Strategy 2021*

Asset Management Plan – 2014*

Asset Management Plan – 2021*

Asset Management Plan – 2023*

Broader Public Sector Energy and GHG Reporting – 2019 Note: the 2020 report is available at the Township office.

Community Improvement Plan “In View” – August, 2020

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Conservation and Demand Management Plan*

Corridor 2030 – Community in Transition Report

Door to Door Sales/Transient Traders Policy

Municipal Emergency Plan (revised 2023)

Financial Planning & Services Level Analysis Final Report – July 11, 2022*

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) & Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (By-Law 3466-2020)

Integrity Commissioner Report – August 10, 2020*

Joint Augusta-Prescott Economic Development Action Plan 2021*

Joint Augusta-Prescott Technical Report 2021*

Joint Prescott-Augusta Land Development/Needs Study 2021*

Leeds & Grenville BR+E Report

Mailbox Policy (By-Law 3184-2015)

Official Plan

Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

Prescott Economic Development Strategy 2021

Public Complaints Procedure Policy

Public Notice Policy (By-Law 3729-2024)

Roads Needs Study – 2016*

Secondary Plan Draft Interim Report – March, 2023*

Service Delivery Review – November 18, 2020*

Social Media Policy (By-Law 3111-2014)

United Counties Official Plan Project

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy (By-Law 3259-2016)



*Please note: these documents are not in an accessible format.  For alternative options, please contact the Township office. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



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