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Parks and Recreation (including Rec Centres)

Parks, recreation and cultural services are essential components of a vibrant and engaged community.  They significantly contribute to quality of life by enhancing relationships, promoting a sense of belonging, providing opportunities to participate in enjoyable activities, promoting fitness and health, developing the local economy, and protecting the environment for both present and future generations.

In the spring of 2016, the Township of Augusta initiated a process to review the Parks and Recreation Services offered to residents of the Township as well as the service delivery model with the objective of developing a multi-year Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan.

The intent of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan is to provide Township of Augusta with long term direction for the provision of parks, recreation and culture services to residents and visitors to the region. The Plan will consider the short and long-term future of current and future services in the context of the changing environment, needs and desires of its citizens and organizational structure and operation. The Plan will serve as a guiding document and provide the principles for recreational and cultural service delivery for both the immediate and longer-term future.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities in Augusta

All community halls and recreation facilities in Augusta Township are not-for-profit and are run by volunteers.


Cedar Park

cedar park ice rink

Located on Cedar Street in a Maitland subdivision, this park has a children’s play structure and a basketball court.  It also has a volunteer-maintained ice rink complete with side boards and lights in the winter months.

Domville Ball Park

 domville ball diamond facilities   domville ball diamond facilities

This ball park features two ball diamonds, a canteen, dugouts and washroom facilities.  It is located on the 4th Concession, just off County Road 18 in Domville.

Kemp Park

old kemp park sign

Located on the 2nd Concession near the Kemp Street subdivision.  Upgrades are planned in 2024 for this park.

Lawrence A. Fox Memorial Park

ball diamond with dugouts and bleachers and a sign that says Lawrence A. Fox memorial park     ball diamond with dugouts and bleachers and a sign that says Lawrence A. Fox memorial park

There are two ball diamonds with dugouts located on County Road 15 in Algonquin that are open for public use.

Lemon Point Lane Water Access

lane going into the st. lawrence river with big trees on either side

Along County Road 2, not far from Invista, there is an entranceway into the St. Lawrence River for those with small water craft (canoes, rowboats etc.).

Limerick Forest

augusta township's limerick forest sign      limerick forest interpretive centre sign and chalet   information board and path leading into the forest   forest path

9 turtles on a log in the marsh    group of adults and children walking the forest path in the winter

Owned and operated by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Limerick Forest is located in the north end of the Township.  The forest has plenty of things to do for nature lovers year round.  For more information and upcoming events, visit their website: www.limerickforest.ca.

Maitland Education and Recreation Centre (MERC)

Visit the Maitland Education & Recreation Centre page to learn more about MERC Hall.

Maitland Look Out

view of st. lawrence river from maitland lookout with a big ship in the water  view of the Maitland Lookout parking area

Along County Road 2 in Maitland, there is a spot where cars can pull off, park and look out at the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

Maynard Education and Recreation Centre

the maynard education and recreation centre  

Visit the Maynard Education and Recreation Centre page to learn more about Maynard Rec. facility.

North Augusta Community Hall

Visit the North Augusta Community Hall page to learn more about the North Augusta Community Hall and other North Augusta recreation facilities.

Roebuck Community Centre

Visit the Roebuck Community Centre page to learn more about the Roebuck Community Centre facility.

Rothesay Dive Site

shows the dedication plaque at the rothesay dive site

Visit the Rothesay Dive Site page for more information about the Rothesay Dive Site.


Centennial Cairns

Centennial Cairn in Maynard

Funds to improve their facilities were given to most of the Township’s Recreation committees in 1967 as part of the festivities to commemorate Canada’s Centennial of Confederation.  These stone memorials can be found in Maynard, Roebuck, Maitland and Domville.



We are always looking for volunteers to help with our Recreation Committees and various other projects happening within the Township.  If you are interested in helping your community, please contact the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department for more information.
Phone: (613) 925-4231 ext. 302
Email: kcole@augusta.ca

NOTE: Students who volunteer can put those hours towards their 40 hours of community involvement required to graduate high school!


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