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New editions of Augusta Township’s quarterly newsletter, The Augusta Quarterly, are sent out at the following times each year:

  • March (with the interim tax bills)
  • June (community mail out through Canada Post)
  • September (with the final tax bills)
  • December (community mail out through Canada Post)

In the past we have received reports of residents not receiving their copy.

If you rent your home, the Quarterly is being mail to your landlord/property owner during the months of March & September.

In June & December, EVERY house/apartment/farm/business is supposed to receive the newsletter.  However, if you (or a previous owner) have placed a ‘no flyers/no junk mail” order with Canada Post, you will not receive it or most other Township notices.

You can check the status of your mailbox with Canada Post.

If you are to receive flyers and you still do not receive a copy, please email officeclerk@augusta.ca or call the township office so we can follow up with the post office.

Copies are available on our website & in the front lobby of the Township office. You can also call the office & one can be mailed to you.

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