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Our History & Communities

A Little History….

Augusta’s Land Acknowledgment:

Augusta Township is situated on lands deeply connected to the Haudenosaunee, Anishnabek and Huron-Wendat. We acknowledge the location of archaeological sites identifying both an Iroquoian agricultural community and an Iroquoian Village in the Township.  With gratitude and respect, we are committed to learning about the history of, and current aspirations of Indigenous Peoples, such as uncovering the truth about residential schools and cultural revitalization. We recognize and respect the contributions they have made and continue to make on these lands.

Portrait of Princess Augusta by William Beechley
Portrait of Princess Augusta by William Beechley
Landmark site in Maitland for Point au Baril (circa 2018)
Landmark site in Maitland for Point au Baril (circa 2018)

The French have a history here as well having had a fort and shipyard in Maitland (Point au Baril).  They, however were only here for a few years before being forced to leave when the British captured the fort in 1760.

Augusta Township was eventually settled in 1784 by those loyal to Britain during the American Revolutionary War (when the Colonists fought the British to gain their independence).  When the war ended, those Colonists who sided with the British were considered traitors – their land and property were seized and they were essentially pushed out of the newly formed United States of America.

As a reward for their loyalty to the Crown, the men were given land grants in a new settlement along the St. Lawrence River made up initially of 7 townships collectively known as the Royal Townships.  The 7th Township was named after King George III’s daughter – Augusta.


map of Augusta with an X drawn through it.

photo of an old stone building with 5 big windows and a door
Glenmore Hall (2018)


Augusta Township Council met for the first time as an organized body on January 21, 1850.  The resolution to officially accept the first Township hall was signed on December 15, 1858.  To keep things fair, it was decided that the hall would be located exactly in the center of the Township.  Council literally took a map of the Township and drew an X through it and built the hall where the two lines met in the middle.  This building, known as Glenmore Hall, still stands today.



The current Township office in Maynard was built in 1968 with an addition added in 2006 and a few renovations done in 2017.

township office in Maynard circa 2018
Township Office in Maynard (2018)


Township Population (according to the 2021 Census) = 7,386

Total (Occupied) Households = 2,950

Land Area = 314.66 sq. km.

Average Age of Residents = 45.6


Our Communities:

  • Algonquin
  • Bethel
  • Blue Church
  • Charleville
  • Domville
  • Garretton
  • Lord’s Mills
  • Maitland
  • Maynard
  • North Augusta
  • Riverview Heights
  • Roebuck
  • South Augusta
  • Stones Corners
  • Throoptown

NOTE: The Communities pages are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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