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Public Notices

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MERC Hosting a Winter CarnivalMERC Winter Carnival poster

The Maitland Education & Recreation Centre will be hosting a Winter Carnival event on Saturday, February 19, 2022 from 1-4 pm.

The Disc Golf Course located on the MERC grounds will also be holding it’s GRAND OPENING at 2 pm.

There will be skiing, snowshoeing, disc golf, guided trail tours, curling, an obstacle course, scavenger hunt, snow play, crafts, hot chocolate & cookies and more!

The Augusta Township Public Library will be on hand with items from the Recreation Lending Library including skates, skis, snowshoes and disc golf discs.

NOTE: this is a FREE event that will be held outdoors (weather permitting) so please dress accordingly.



Posted January 24, 2022

Safey Snowplow – Snow Plow & Winter Safety Flyer

Our Public Works department came across an excellent teaching tool regarding snow plow and winter safety that was created by the City of Mount Pearl.  They encourage residents to read it over and share the information with their kids to ensure they stay safe during winter play time.

Snow Plow and Winter Safety Parent Brochure

Safey Snowplow Activity Booklet





Posted January 24, 2022

Immigration Strategy Community Consultation Requested

The St. Lawrence-Rideau Immigration Partnership is in the process of updating the Leeds and Grenville Immigration Strategy. Created in 2011, the current Strategy has guided the work of the Immigration Partnership and local organizations. The revised plan will identify priorities that better reflect current immigration trends, local labour market challenges, and capacities of partner agencies.

The Immigration Partnership is seeking engagement and input from partners and the broader community (immigrants, service providers, community agencies, government representatives, employers and interested community members) to ensure the plan reflects community priorities and resources.

Leeds and Grenville residents, organizations, and municipalities are encouraged to participate in an online survey and /or attend a virtual focus group. The online survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and those who complete the contact information section, will be eligible for draw for a gift certificate from a local restaurant.

The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FWZJQ5X

The virtual events will be held via Zoom and take place on the following dates:

Wednesday, February 9, 12:00 noon – 1:30pm

Thursday, February 17, 10:00 am – 11:30am

Wednesday, February 23, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Monday, February 28, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Anyone interested can register by clicking on this link: www.eventbrite.ca/e/leeds-and-grenville-immigration-strategy-community-consultations-tickets-244461409657

community survey ad    community survey ad

Posted January 19, 2022

Highway 401 Improvement Studyscreen capture of the start of the highway study video

The first of two Public Information Centres (PIC) is being held to present and receive feedback on the study background, existing study area conditions, preliminary improvement alternatives, the evaluation process and to outline the next steps in the EA process.  The section of Highway 401 the study involves goes from 1km East of Highway 16 to 3.3 km West of County Road 15 (a.k.a. Maitland Road).

In light of COVID-19 and the associated physical distancing requirements for the foreseeable future, PIC #1 will be hosted virtually through the project website.  The PIC material will be available for review and comment beginning December 8th, 2021 with a recorded presentation available until January 21st, 2022.

To view the material and to comment, visit their website: https://www.highway401prescottmaitland.ca/consultation/ 

Posted December 21, 2021

Research Underwayresearch in progress sign

The Public Works Department is currently conducting a survey at the Maynard Transfer Station.  The goal of the survey is to improve the waste/recycling program currently in place in Augusta Township.

The information collected (when traffic is busiest, what materials are brought in i.e. garbage, recycling, construction waste, appliances, paint etc.) will help create an improved service delivery model with the goal of increasing our waste diversion numbers, lower costs, reduce our carbon footprint and make Augusta greener for us and future generations!

If you have any questions about this study, please contact Brad Thake, Public Works Manager at bthake@augusta.ca.

Posted December 16, 2021.

2022 Burn Permits Available Online Starting December 15, 2021chimineas, burn pile compilation photo

The 2022 burn permits will be available online starting December 15, 2021.

A permit is required for ALL open air fires each calendar year as per By-Law 3500-2020.  This applies to all campfires, burn piles, burn drums, chimineas, incinerators, agricultural burns etc.

Landowners can obtain their FREE permit at augusta.burnpermits.com.

Remember – EVERY time you burn, you need to call the Open Burning Hotline number found on you permit and listen to the message to make sure you are allowed to burn that day.

Have questions?  Call 613-348-3455 ext. 202.

Posted December 15, 2021

2022 Dog & Kennel Licenses Are Now On Sale2022 dog tags and kennel licenses on sale december 13th

The 2022 dog and kennel licenses are on sale as of Monday, December 13, 2021.

According to By-Law 3075-2013, ALL dogs in the Township – even ones that are in the house all the time, in a fenced backyard, farm dogs and ones with microchips – ALL dogs are to be licensed EVERY year and wearing Township dog tags. New licenses are to be purchased by February 28, 2022.

Anyone with more than 4 dogs can apply for a kennel license.

All licenses are on sale at a DISCOUNTED price until February 28, 2022.

Dog License & Tag = $15 each (reg. $30)

Small Kennel License (5-10 dogs) = $60 (reg. 90)

Large Kennel License (11-30 dogs) = $120 (reg. 200) *Note: Proof of current yearly kennel inspection and kennel identifier tags are required.

You can print the 2022 Kennel License Application ahead of time and bring it with you.

UPDATE* As COVID-19 numbers are on the rise, residents that prefer not to come in to the office have a couple of other options for purchasing their dog tags/licenses.  Visit the Dog & Kennel Licenses – February 2021 page for more information.

For more information on licensing your dogs, visit the Dog Owner & Kennel Owner Responsibilities page.

Updated January 3, 2022
Posted December 13, 2021

New Part Time Interim Planner HiredBarbara Kalivas

The Township is currently going through a transition in our Planning Department.

Barbara Kalivas will be joining the Township team as an interim planner.  Barbara brings over 30 years of collective land use planning experience.  She has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen’s University and is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP), a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP) and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI).

Barbara is very excited to assist with your land use planning needs.

You can contact Barbara at planner@augusta.ca or at her extension 613-925-4231 ext. 101.

Welcome Barbara!


Posted December 1, 2021

Changes to Augusta Roads60km/h, 40km/h signs, stop sign, one way sign

Update: Due to a manufacturing issue, these signs have been delayed but will be posted once received.

Residents will find a few changes coming to Augusta roads effective December 6, 2021.

Council has approved for Richmond Street (which runs from County Road 2 to Church Street in Maitland) to become a one-way northbound street and the speed limit will be lowered to 40km/h.

After a petition from area residents, Dejong Road from Algonquin Road to the 6th Concession will have its speed limit lowered to 60km/h.

There will also be a new all-way stop installed where North Campbell Road meets McIntosh Road.  The speed limit on North Campbell Road will also be lowered to 60km/h.

UPDATE: The new speed limit signs have been put up on Dejong Road and also North Campbell Road.

Dejong Rd Speed Rate Change Sign


Updated January 7, 2022
Updated December 20, 2021
Posted November 29, 2021

New Stop Sign


Council supported a staff recommendation to create a 3-way stop at the Bains Road and Algonquin Road intersection for traffic safety enhancement.

Bains Road and Algonquin Road street signs    New stop sign at Bains Road and Algonquin Road

Posted November 10, 2021

Changes to the Ontario Building Codeset of stairs

Building permits issues starting January 1, 2022 will be subject to the new amendments to the Building Code.

One of these amendments adds 3/4″ to the minimum tread depth for residential/private stairs.  This will required additional interior space to accommodate for the additional floor area.

It was also amended to increase the minimum run for stairs, reduce the maximum rise for stairs and a new provision was added to restrict open stair risers.

Visit the Province’s website to learn more about these and other amendments to the code or contact the Chief Building Official at ext. 106 or by email at kmorrell@augusta.ca.


Posted November 8, 2021

2021 Business and New Business of the Year Award Winners

Congratulations to R & D Dairies, the 2021 recipient of the Augusta Township Business of the Year Award.

Business of the Year winners for 2021 - R & D Dairies

Congratulations also go to The Old Stone Hall – this year’s recipient of the Augusta Township New Business of the Year Award.

new business of the year 2021 winner Jamie Harrison of The Old Stone Hall receiving her award

The awards were given out at a breakfast held on November 5, 2021 at MERC Hall.

Special thanks to the event sponsors: Burnbrae Farms, Egg Farmers of Ontario and Leeds & Grenville Small Business Enterprises.

Posted November 5, 2021

Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit Media Release re: Radon Testing

Nov 1, 2021dirt with the words radon

November is Radon Action Month

November is Radon Action Month and the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit (LGLDHU) is encouraging homeowners to test their homes for radon.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking. The risk of developing lung cancer from radon exposure depends mostly on three factors: the level of radon you are exposed to, the duration of exposure, and smoking habits. Smoking or radon exposure can increase the risk of lung cancer; exposure to both enhances that risk.

Radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soils and rocks. When radon is released from the ground into the outdoor air, it is diluted and is not a concern. When radon is released in enclosed areas such as homes, it can accumulate to high levels and can cause a health risk with long-term exposure. Radon can enter homes through cracks in foundations, construction joints, gaps around pipes, sump pumps and drains, and exposed rock in basements, etc. Some radon will be found in everyone’s home. The health risk increases as the level of radon and the duration of exposure increases. Health Canada recommends that radon levels do not exceed 200 Becquerels per cubic metre (200 Bq/m3).

Health Canada recommends that homeowners do a long-term radon test, for a minimum of three months, during the fall or winter. Radon levels in a home can fluctuate throughout the seasons; levels are usually higher in the fall and winter when our windows are closed. The radon test kit should be placed in the lowest level of the home where homeowners spend a minimum of 4 hours per day.

If radon levels in your home are above the Canadian guideline (200 Bq/m3), Health Canada recommends hiring a professional certified under the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (www.c-nrpp.ca) to help reduce radon levels. Lowering radon levels in a home requires specific technical knowledge and skills to ensure the job is done properly. If you’ve tested for radon and received your result, you have options for reducing radon in your home. See our website for more information.

The LGLDHU has a limited supply of radon test kits available for purchase on a first come-first served basis at cost ($20) from the Health Unit. Test kits can be purchased by visiting our Brockville or Smiths Falls offices. You can also purchase a radon test kit by contacting a local hardware store or visit https://takeactiononradon.ca/ for other options.

For more information visit the Home Health and Safety – Radon section of our website, email radon@healthunit.org or call 1-800-660-5853.

Posted November 2, 2021

Get a Ticket to Ride Starting August 30th

River Route logo poster

Augusta Township, the Town of Prescott , the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal and the City of Brockville have partnered to bring a new public transit service to popular employment areas with a bus route from Brockville to Cardinal along County Road 2, appropriately named the River Route.

Connecting with the existing Brockville transit system, the River Route begins in Brockville at the box store stop at 5:30am. The route will continue east and bring commuters to and from popular workplaces in Brockville, Augusta, Prescott, and Edwardsburgh Cardinal in a 2-hour loop for 12 hours each weekday with stops near Invista, Prescott Industrial Park, Giant Tiger Distribution Centre and Ingredion Canada.

The bus will be equipped with GPS to let riders know the bus location directly from the website, so you are always aware of your wait time. Helpful QR codes are at each bus stop for easy access to transit information via mobile devices.

For more information, please visit the River Route Public Transit website.



Posted August 23, 2021

Gypsy Moth

Gypsy moth adult, top view

Gypsy moth populations in Southern Ontario have been on the rise over the past two years. Based on egg mass observations, we may experience “severe” tree damage in 2021.

For more information, read the FACT SHEET released by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.






Posted April 30, 2021

Lock It or Lose It – Car Theft Prevention Tips lock it or lose it poster

The OPP have received several calls in regards to car break ins within the Township lately.  The investigation is ongoing, however they asked us to share these Auto Theft Protection Tips.

If anyone has any additional information about these thefts, you can call the OPP’s non-emergency number at 1-888-310-1122.

Click on the photo to enlarge.





Posted November 10, 2020

Bear Sightings – Grenville OPP News Release

bear in grass

The Grenville Detachment of the OPP have issued a News Release outlining for residents what to do if they see a bear in their area.

There are different protocols depending on what it may be doing – if it’s posing an immediate threat or just wondering through.

Note: The Township has already received a couple of phone calls about bear sightings in the area recently.

Grenville OPP News Release – Bear Hotline




Posted September 9, 2020

Committee Members Needed


Augusta Township Council is looking for volunteers to join the 2 new township committees – the Community Development Committee and the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee.

Applications can be submitted to the Township Clerk, Annette Simonian either by mail, by dropping the application form in the drop box in the front lobby of the Township office or by emailing it to asimonian@augusta.ca.

Learn more about these new committees in the Mayor’s Augusta Matters article from July 29, 2020.

Community Development Committee Terms of Reference

Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Appointment Application Form

Posted July 29, 2020

Ticks & Lyme Disease Prevention

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are having an increasing effect on the lives of Ontarian residents.

As a rural community, Augusta Township residents are more likely to encounter ticks in their day to day activities, whether working or enjoying the outdoors.  Affected individuals experience persistent symptoms and long-term complications that affect their physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being.

The following information is provided to help you and your loved ones avoid this debilitating disease.  An excellent video by Dr. Andrew Peregrine on Lyme disease can also be found HERE.

Posted May 8, 2020

Safey Snowplow – Snow Plow & Winter Safety Flyer

Our Public Works department came across an excellent teaching tool regarding snow plow and winter safety that was created by the City of Mount Pearl.  They encourage residents to read it over and share the information with their kids to ensure they stay safe during winter play time.

Snow Plow and Winter Safety Parent Brochure

Safey Snowplow Activity Booklet





Posted February 18, 2020

Council Requests Public Input on By-Law

The following By-Law drafts have recently been presented to Council and are now being posted for public comment.

By sending your comments – whether you are in favour or whether you have concerns – it will provide guidance for Council in making their decision.

Please direct your comments/questions to the Township Clerk, Annette Simonian in WRITING ONLY at the township office or by EMAIL at asimonian@augusta.ca.

Thank you.

Maintenance and Care of Land DRAFT By-Law

Updated July 17, 2019
Posted June 25, 2019