Domville, a quiet but welcoming hamlet on the eastern border of Augusta township is made up mainly of agricultural and residential properties. It’s proximity to nearby towns and cities, being approximately 10 minutes from Prescott and 20 minutes to Brockville, and approximately an hour from Kingston or Ottawa, make it an excellent choice for a relaxing lifestyle.



Domville is home to a few businesses such as Sauve Heating and “Super Dave’s Chip Wagon. On the perimeter is Polite’s Sand and Gravel, a generational family business who was involved in developing Domville Subdivision. There are also many other small business ventures, such as Henderson ‘s Woodworking, located within the area.



Domville is served by the two volunteer fire departments in Augusta Township , one in North Augusta and the other located at Maitland.



The Domville Community Park contains a baseball diamond and other activities available just a short drive away.



Domville’s generational families such as the Polites, the Bakers, and Corbett’s managed the main businesses in the past such as a post office, a general store, and the sand & gravel business. Although some of these business no longer exist, the streets in the Domville sub division have been named after them to maintain the connection.

The United Church was purchased by the Greek Orthodox, who continue to hold retreats a couple of times each summer.

For more history on Domville click here.


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