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Maynard Education and Recreation Centre

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Maynard Education & Recreation CentreAddress:
14 Robert Road
Maynard, ON

Bookings: Robin Yandeau
(613) 803-7471
Email: robin.yandeau@hotmail.com

Township Contact: Kathleen Cole
Parks, Recreation & Facilities Manager
(613) 925-4231 ext. 302

Pickleball Contact: Heather Branchard
Email: bhbranchard@gmail.com



The Maynard Recreation Association was established in 1965 to operate “an athletic field and outdoor rink”.  The Association, made up of volunteers from the community, have since grown the facilities to include a community hall, a baseball diamond with lights, soccer fields, basketball nets and tennis/pickleball courts.  They are host to a softball league for children ages 3-19 which includes BlastBall – a program aimed at young children and designed to introduce them tot he basic fundamentals of softball.

Open for the public to rent for small functions, the not-for-profit Maynard Rec. Centre comes equipped with a small kitchen, a washroom, tables and chairs and it is a fully accessible building.

Note: Alcohol is NOT permitted in the centre.

Hall Capacity = 40

NOTE: The recreation centre building is currently not available to rent due to required renovations.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

inside the Maynard Recreation & Education Centre     inside the Maitland Education & Recreation Centre



NOTE: Our pickleball/tennis courts and outdoor rink are currently being upgraded/updated.  New photos will be added once available.

Maynard ball diamond, complete with dugouts, bleachers and lights
Maynard ball diamond, complete with dugouts, bleachers and lights
Maynard tennis/pickleball courts and basketball nets plus the centennial cairn in front
Maynard tennis courts and basketball nets
Maynard outdoor rink
Maynard outdoor rink








maynard playground
Maynard play equipment


list of pickleball court regulations


For more information on Maynard’s softball programs, visit www.augustasoftball.com or on Facebook at Maynard Minor Softball.

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