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2936-2012 Crushed Stone Agreement (Tackaberry Construction)

2936-2012 Crushed Stone Agreement (Tackaberry Construction)


Passed by Council May 14, 2012


WHEREAS the Municipal Act, 2001 c. 25 s.c. 2001 section 8 allows for the Powers
of a Natural Person and those powers may include the entering into an agreement for

AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to provide a contract for hauling of crushed
stone for the Township of Augusta.

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation authorizes the CAO to enter into
an agreement with Tackaberry G. and Sons Construction to supply, haul and spread
5/8’ crushed stone for the Township of Augusta.

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Township of Augusta hereby enacts as follows

1. Tackaberry G. and Sons Construction is hereby appointed supply, haul and spread
5/8’ crushed stone for the Township of Augusta with the duties as described in
Schedule “A’ attached hereto.

READ a first and second time this day of May, 2012.

READ a third time and passed this 14th day of May, 2012.

Signed by Reeve Mel Campbell and Clerk Michael Larocque

The “Corporation of the Township of Augusta”
(hereinafter referred to as the “Township”)
Tackaberry G. and Sons Construction
(hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”)

This agreement is for Tackaberry G. and Sons Construction to supply, haul and spread
5/8” crushed stone from a quarry source onto unpaved roads within the Township and
stockpile remainder at the Public Works yards located at 5328 Algonquin Rd. The
approximate quantity of crushed stone tendered for is 15,000 metric tonnes.


1. The Township shall provide access to the work site at all reasonable times as may be
required in the execution of the Contractor’s duties.

2. The Township shall provide instructions and information to the Contractor that may be
necessary in the proper execution of duties.

3. The Township shall process payment for approved invoices within 30 days of

4. The Township may terminate this Agreement:
a) For failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement immediately on
providing written notice of termination, or
b) For any other justified cause upon providing at least 10 days written notice
of termination.

If termination is under paragraph (b), the Township shall pay that portion of outstanding
fees owing to the Contractor as is applicable to the completion of satisfactory service
prior to termination.


1. The Contractor shall provide all labour and equipment necessary to fulfill the
obligations of the Contract within the terms specified.

2. The Contractor shall employ only qualified and competent persons to perform the
required work, and shall ensure that said individuals are adequately trained and
supervised to fulfill their work duties.

3. The Contractor shall receive and abide by all instructions from the Township that
may be relevant to the proper performance of the work.

4. The Contractor shall inform the Township in writing of any problems encountered
during the course of work performance, or of any relevant issues requiring the
Township’s attention.

5. The Contractor shall submit invoices in a timely manner, and shall provide all
relevant supporting information as may be required from time to time.

6. The Contractor shall not employ the services of a sub-contractor in the
performance of contractual obligations without the written consent of the

7. The Contractor shall not assign his/her rights under this Agreement without prior
written consent from the Township.

8. The Contractor shall not provide services to any parties that may, in the
Township’s reasonable opinion, give rise to a conflict of interest between the
Contractor’s duties to said parties and to the Township.

9. The Contractor shall abide by all applicable laws and regulations, and shall
maintain all required licenses, permits, policies and coverage’s (i.e. WSIB,
$2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance naming the Township as an additional
insured, $2,000,000 Vehicle Liability Insurance) throughout the term of this

10. The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the Township, it’s employees
and agents from any losses, claims, damages, actions, causes of action, costs or
expenses that we or any of our employees or agents may sustain, incur, suffer, or
be put to at any time, either before or after this Agreement ends, which are based
upon, arise out of or occur, either directly or indirectly, by reason of any act or
omission by the Contractor or any of his/her agents, employees, officers, directors,
or subcontractors in providing the Services.


The Contractor shall abide by all applicable Provincial and Federal Statutes and
regulations, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, the Employment
Standards Act, Industrial Standards Act, and any other legislation that may be relevant to
the proper performance of the work.

Project Management
The implementation of this Contract will be under the jurisdiction of the Public Works
Manager of Public Works of the Township (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Public Works
Manager’), or his duly appointed designate. Any changes to the provisions of this
agreement will be made in writing.

The Contractor shall diligently prosecute his work on this Contract to completion on, or
before, the 14th day of June, 2012.

Performance Criteria and Work Inspection
It is incumbent upon the Contractor to utilize adequate equipment and work effort that is
suitable to providing the anticipated results. The Public Works Manager will periodically
inspect the work. The Contractor shall promptly correct work that does not meet the
established performance criteria to the satisfaction of the Public Works Manager at no
additional cost to the Contract.

Payment at the Contract Price shall be considered compensation in full for performance
of the work specified and for the supply of all labour, equipment and material (except as
otherwise provided) necessary to complete the work to the satisfaction of the Public
Works Manager.

The Tender Quantities are estimates only, and may be increased or decreased by the
Public Works Manager without alteration of the Contract Price. Should such increase or
decrease exceed 20% of the Tender Quantities, however, either party to the Contract
may submit a written request for a revision to the Unit Price, citing the reasons for said

Measurement for payment shall be made only for materials that have been delivered,
incorporated, and approved by the Public Works Manager. Payment will be made within
30 days of receipt of the approved invoice.

All applicable taxes, shall be shown separately on each invoice, and will be paid to the
Contractor in addition to the amount certified for payment. The Contractor shall provide
the Public Works Public Works Manager with applicable tax registration numbers which
will be shown on all payment certificates issued by him. The Contractor will not make any
provision for Provincial or Federal taxes in the prices tendered under this Contract.

Certification and Payment
Certification and Payment of the Contract shall be paid after all of the specified
performance requirements have been meet with the exception of the 10% hold back.
Final payment will be made upon the passing of 46 days and the contractor supplies the
Township with a Statutory Declaration that all bills and subcontractors are paid.

1. Any unresolved disputes between the Contractor and the Township arising from
this Agreement shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the
Commercial Arbitration Act.

2. Any notice contemplated by this Agreement must be in writing, and either:

a. Sent by fax or e-mail to the addressee’s appropriate direction, as specified
in this Agreement;
b. Delivered by hand to the addressee’s place of business:
c. Delivered by hand to the addressee’s duly authorized agent or employee;
d. Mailed by registered post to the addressee’s place of business.


Material supplied under this Contract shall comprise 5/8 Granular “M” in conformance
with O.P.S.S. 1010 (March 1993).

Weigh Scales
The Contractor shall provide weigh scales of sufficient capacity and dimension so as to
fully contain the loaded vehicle in one setting, and so as to permit weighing of the entire
load in one operation.

The Contractor shall have the weigh scales officially tested and approved prior to use on
the Contract, and shall ensure their accuracy at all times. The Contractor shall provide
evidence of the accuracy of the weigh scales upon request.

Granular material shall be spread in a uniform layer in locations within the Township as
directed by the Public Works Manager. Material shall be hauled and spread at a
minimum rate of 1,500 metric tons per day.

Damage by Vehicles or Equipment
If at any time, in the opinion of the Public Works Manager, damage is being done or is
likely to be done to any roadway or any improvement thereon by the Contractor’s vehicles
or equipment, the Contractor shall, at his/her own expense, make changes in or
substitutions for such vehicles or other equipment, or shall in some other manner remove
the cause of such damage to the satisfaction of the Public Works Manager.

Loading of Vehicles or Equipment
Where a vehicle or equipment is hauling material for use under the Contract, the
Contractor shall ensure that said vehicle or equipment is not being loaded beyond its
legal limit.

Signed at Maynard this ____ day of May, 2012
Corporation of the Township of Augusta

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