The below report was written by Fire Chief Rob Bowman and present to Augusta Township Council on May 25, 2021: Report 2021-048 UCLG Regional Fire Service Review by Pomax Consulting The below link leads to the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Modernization-Shared Services Task Force agenda which includes the Regional Fire Services Review … Continue reading “United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Regional Fire Service Review Reports”

Market lessons learned from Augusta’s Farmers and Craft Market Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka (As published in the South Grenville Journal – Thursday, December 10, 2020) On Saturday, December 5th I attended Augusta Township’s Farmer’s and Craft Market held at the MERC Hall in Maitland.  The event was held all summer in North Augusta and … Continue reading “Market lessons learned from Augusta’s Farmers and Craft Market”