Living and Working Near Pipelines 

map of Augusta with the 3 pipelines marked on it
The 3 Pipelines Running Through Our Township

There are three pipelines that run through Augusta Township.  The Enbridge Pipelines, The TransCanada Pipelines and the TransNorthern Pipelines.   A pipeline is installed within a strip of land referred to as a right of way.

Call Before You Dig

You must call and obtain written approval from the pipeline company before mechanically excavating and constructing within the right of way or mechanically excavating within 30 metres (98.5 feet) of the right of way.

To ensure safety, you will need to get approval for a number of activities on the right of way.  These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating vehicles or mobile equipment over the right of way where a roadway does not exist
  • Reducing the depth of soil covering the pipeline
  • Agricultural ploughing or tilling below 30 cm (1 foot)
  • Ground leveling
  • Installing drainage systems
  • Augering

Did you know that….

  • Unauthorized construction, installation of a facility or excavation over or near a pipelineTransnorthern Pipeline trail in the fall is illegal
  • The pipeline company must inform you within 10 business days whether permission for your project has been granted or refused, the pipeline company  must inform you of the reason
  • The pipeline company has three business days to respond to a request to locate its pipeline
  • Pipeline signs and marker posts do not indicate the exact location of a pipeline – ALWAYS CALL



For more information visit the Ontario One Call website, the Click Before You Dig website or call 1-800-400-2255