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The Township of Augusta Approves the FoodCycler Pilot Program

At a meeting held on July 10, 2023, Council declared the approval of the FoodCycler Pilot Program an innovative food composting solution to its residents to test in their homes.

A FoodCycler is a small appliance about the size of a home bread machine.  They are manufactured by Vitamix. Food waste, such as table scraps or spoiled items from the refrigerator are placed in it, and within hours, it turns the waste into a dry, rich, soil-like substance, which can be added to yard waste, such as grass and leaves, to further augment compost use.

In partnership with Food Cycle Science Corporation residents of Augusta will have the opportunity to pilot the FoodCycler site food waste diversion solution that will reduce the amount of organics headed to the landfill.

The Township of Augusta will be offering up to 50 FoodCycler Machines at a subsidized price.  Two-unit sizes will be offered; the FC-30 at a subsidized cost of $150 and the Eco 5 at a subsidized cost of $300.  Participants will be expected to track their usage over a 12-week period to estimate the total impact of the pilot program.

Residents will need to register online, on a first come first served basis, with only one unit per household allowed.  Successful residents will be contacted for pick up details.

For further details and how to register, go to the FoodCycler page or contact:

Vikki Werner-Mackeler
Augusta Township
613-925-4231 x 100


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