A Note About Drainage/Culvert Issues

It’s finally (we hope) spring and with spring comes melting snow and rain – sometimes a lot of rain.

The Public Works department would like to remind residents that, with the exception of emergencies, drainage/culvert work will not be started until after half loads are lifted within the township in order to protect our roads. Heavy equipment is often required in order to fix these problems. According to By-Law 2038-1988, half loads can remain in effect until May 15 each year, however this can be lifted earlier if the roads are deemed ready.

Should you be experiencing issues with drainage/culverts on your property, please contact the Public Works Department to be added to the work list but be aware that the issue will likely not be resolved immediately. As always, our crew will work hard to attend to each issue as soon as possible.

To report a drainage/culvert issue, you can contact the Public Works Department at kcole@augusta.ca or by calling 613-925-4231 ext. 301.

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