The Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number 2612 Beingaby-lawtoadopttheyearlyestimatesandtaxratesandtofurtherprovide For Penalty And Interest In Default Of Payment. Whereassection290(1)ofthemunicipalact2001c.25statesthatalocalmunicipalityshallineach Yearprepareandadoptabudgetincludingestimatesof All Sums Required During Theyearprovidesthat Municipalcouncilsshalladoptanestimatedlevyforthecurrentyearandpassaby-law To Levy A Separate Tax Rate On The Assessment In Each Property Class; Andwhereassectionsofthesaidactrequiretaxratestobeestablishedinthesameproportionto Tax Ratios; Andwhereascertainregulationsrequirereductions In

Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number2524 Beinga By-law To Appoint Anby-law Officer For The Township Of Augusta Whereasthe Police Services Act R.s.o. 1990 C. P 15 Section 13(1) As Amended, Empowers The Municipal Council To Appoint Persons To Enforce By-laws Of The