Emergency Preparedness Week – May 5-11

Seven leaves in different seasonal stages, moving from green to orange to brown. The text reads: Emergency Preparedness Week 2024: Plan for every season.

May 5-11, 2024 is Emergency Preparedness Week in Ontario.  The Province has issued daily reminders for residents to help you be prepared in case of an emergency.


Emergency Preparedness Week starts today!  Stay tuned for daily facts & tips on how to be safe & prepared for every season.

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Emergency kit items on counter. The text reads: Stock your emergency kit with seasonal essentials.

Along with year-round essentials, stock your emergency kit with seasonal items like sunscreen, bug spray, extra hats & gloves. 

For a list of kit essentials, visit ontario.ca/BePrepared

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Tuesday, MAY 7

Two people together outside on a balcony hugging. The text reads: Keep your loved ones safe during an emergency.

Making a plan is an important part of being safe during emergencies.  Talk to your family, friends and loved ones about how you will prepare for & respond to an emergency.

Learn more: ontario.ca/page/be-prepared-emergency#section-1

#EPWeek2024 #Plan4EverySeason #PreparedON

Wednesday, May 8

A golden lab with a backpack, inside the backpack is a teddy bear with his head sticking out beside the lab’s head. The text reads: Everyone’s kit should include comfort items.

Emergency kits should include comfort items.  From a favourite snack to a small family heirloom or your pet’s most treasured toy – include items that will keep everyone in your household calm & comfortable during an emergency.

#EPWeek2024 #Plan4EverySeason #PreparedON

Thursday, May 9

A cat peeking out of a suit case. The text reads: Pack your pet’s emergency kit.

Keep pets safe throughout the year.  Pack seasonal necessities in their emergency kit in case you need to leave your home suddenly.

For kit essentials, visit: ontario.ca/BePrepared

#EPWeek2024 #Plan4EverySeason #PreparedON

Friday, May 10

Senior woman smiling while looking at her phone. The text reads: Keep others safe throughout the year.

Heat waves can have a more severe impact on seniors.  Check in on those who are more vulnerable to see if they need assistance during extreme heat or power outages.

Use our guide to help plan for emergencies: ontario.ca/page/ensure-everyones-safety-during-emergency#section-3

#EPWeek2024 #Plan4EverySeason #PreparedON

Saturday, May 11

Two people sitting on a couch holding a tablet. The text reads: Emergency Preparedness Week 2024: Plan for every season

#EPWeek2024 has wrapped, but don’t let that stop you from being prepared every week of the year.  Follow us for more emergency preparedness facts & advice year-round!

#Plan4EverySeason #PreparedON


Visit the Township’s Emergency Preparedness page for more information on being prepared during an emergency.

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